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Language Buddies

Our Language Buddies are very enthusiastic.  They support children who are new to school and share their language (additional to English). They have proved very valuable in helping to reassure and support new starters.  They are proud of their language skills and enjoy teaching their classmates about their language and heritage. 


Our children particularly like sharing the many bilingual books we have in school – reading a story in another language like Polish or Urdu, and also in English.


“I like my job because it makes me happy when I help people learn English.  I enjoy the activities and putting things in our classroom in our language.”  Somia


 “I have enjoyed seeing a person who does not knw how to speak English say their first sentence.” Vykintas


“I think my job is important because it makes me feel very included and we aim to make other peoples lives easier for them.  It makes me feel happy because I know I have a voice and that I can help.”  Daniah