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Museum and Steelworks Trip

Our Workshop

We enjoyed looking at the Cenotaph whilst waiting for the museum to open. Especially after hearing all about them the previous week during our Remembrance celebrations. 

Becoming archaeologists for the day!

We spent some of the morning being archaeologists and excavating layers of dirt to find artefacts from different periods in our history. We then had to order them chronologically and this enabled lots of good historical discussion.

the excitement was real!!

Zac and Alansia had a ball being archaeologists for the day! They were so happy to find old artefacts and materials in the layers of earth. The looks on their faces speaks volumes about their enjoyment of the day.

comparing maps over time

We spent some time looking at maps from different periods of Scunthorpe's history and discussed how the discovery of iron ore and the development of the Steelworks led to the quick expansion of our town. 

Exploring Maps

tour of the steelworks

The train tour of the Steelworks was fascinating. We loved hearing all about how the Steelworks functions and how it has changed over time.