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It is important for young people to acquire a better understanding of the role that religions play in today’s pluralistic world. The need for such education will continue to grow as different cultures and identities interact with each other through travel, commerce, media or migration. Although a deeper understanding of religions will not automatically lead to greater tolerance and respect, ignorance increases the likelihood of misunderstanding, stereotyping, and conflict.

The aim of Religious Education is to produce pupils who are religiously literate and able to hold balanced and informed conversations about religion and belief. 

What do children at Berkeley Primary School like about learning about other people and their beliefs about life?

I like looking at how other people see the world. (Elise Y6)


I like listening to what others think and do. I'm a Christian so I don't know what others do. (Stanley Y5)


I like learning what people do differently to what I do. (Daisy Y4)


I like learning about religions. I like the things they say about there being different types of God. (Otis Y3)


I like learning how they get along and live their life. You can still be friends, (Connie Y2)


It's nice to learn about other people's beliefs. (Bella Y1)

Year 4 Visit to a Mosque