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DT in School

Reception - Designing, building and adapting bridges

Year 2 - Cooking a Bangladeshi Dish

Year 4 - Designing and Making a Purse

Year 6 - Greek Salad

Children's Quotes

"I like DT because I like making things". (Year 2)


"I love DT lessons because I love crafts and making things that I've designed". (Year 2).


"The cooking lesson was a good experience becuase we used the knives to chop the vegetables and later on we stirred them together. We tried the bolognese with nachos too". (Year 5)


"Cooking was fun and my favourite part was when we got to try it because I don't like bolognese, but this was nice". (Year 5)


"The DT was very good at helping you develop life skills, like using a knife, frying things in a pan and I think it was something fun to do for the whole class". (Year 5)


"When we were doing sewing we made creative bookmarks by using sewing and embroidery. We got help when we needed it and by the end, people that couldn't sew, were able to do it". (Year 5)