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Computer Science

Pupils build on their understanding of programmable toys from EYFS when they enter Year 1. They recognise that an algorithm is a set of clear, unambiguous instructions and can use these to control human robots and subsequently BeeBots and BlueBots. 


In Year 2 pupils learn to debug programs on BlueBots and are introduced to a blocks based programming language (Scratch Jr) and program a sprite. 


In Year 3 children create a stop frame animation and move from Scratch Jr to Scratch, learning about decomposition and sequencing.




When children reach Year 4 they learn to use loops to simplify programs with repeated actions. 






Year 5 children develop an understanding of selection by programming an external device using the 'if... else... then...' structure and then apply this knowledge to create a quiz in Scratch.




In Year 6 pupils learn about variables and use these to create a game which involves scoring. They apply all their computer science knowledge to program an external device , a micro:bit, to create a motivational step counter.