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Legal Action

Legal action that may be taken include:
  • Issuing penalty notices: each parent receives a penalty notice for each child who has an unauthorised absence. So, if there are two parents and two children the total penalties add up. Failure to pay may result in prosecution.
  • Taking parents to court for unauthorised absence: Education Act 1996 Section 444(1) - magistrates can fine each parent up to £1000 per child, add costs and impose Parenting Orders.
  • Taking parents to court for persistent unauthorised absence: Education Act 1996 Section 444(1A) - magistrates can fine each parent up to £2,500 per child, impose Parenting Orders and/or impose a period of imprisonment of up to 3 months.


Being taken to court could result in you having a criminal record.

Nobody wants that to happen.  So remember, every moment your child is in school, they are building their own wall of opportunity. The higher and stronger that wall is, the more opportunities and choices your child will have when they are older. The more successful they will be in life. 


Lost days are never made up. Help your child to understand that by what you say and what you do and get them into school!