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KS2 Intra school cross country 29.9.23

Pupil voice

'Berkeley Primary School Cross Country Championships were held on 29th September 2023. I took part in the year 5/6 girls race which I enjoyed a lot. I represented Saturn, the other house teams were: Jupiter, Neptune and Mars. All the teachers, TAs and other pupils were very supportive, for example, when we were running, everyone else was cheering us on.

I would encourage all the other pupils to participate in cross country or any other sporting events as it can help keep you fit and healthy as well as help you feel part of the school community'

Amelie (Y6)


Our winners this year are:

Y3/4 Boys - Cody

Y3/4 Girls - Arabella

Y5/6 Boys - Joey

Y5/6 Girls - Amelie


Thankfully the weather held out and not only was the racing superb by those up near the front but for the first time since we started this event, every child who took part finished the race. As a school we are immensely proud of the children for completing the course (1500m Y5/6 and 1000m+ Y3/4) and whether they chose to run, run/walk or simply walk they all managed to achieve something and for that they should all also be proud.


Overall, Jupiter (the best house of them all because I'm in that house) took the title and were crowned Cross Country Champions for 2023.

Huge congratulations to all the children in Jupiter. Can you retain your title next year.