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Our Topic this term is Under the Sea


The children read the story of Rainbow Fish. This is a story about friendship and sharing.


The Rainbow Fish (HQ)

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The children asked questions and took part in  hot seating. 

Sally and the Limpet

Sally and the Limpet by Simon James; a heartwarming story about a girl who learned an important environmental lesson.




The Storm Whale


We read together the srory of the Storm Whale



The children enjoyed answering questions about the Storm Whale.


They also enjoyed writing sentences 


Something Fishy!


Children enjoyed watching the animation and predicting what would happen next.


Click the link below to watch the video


Something Fishy





Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, we have been making a fact file all about the ocean! We enjoyed reading the non- fiction book 'Ocean' and finding out interesting and unbelievable facts. We thought of our own questions and completed some research to find the answers. 

Did you know that one of the smallest creatures in the ocean is a dwarf lantern shark?! 

The Deep

We have written a recount all about our visit to The Deep. We used photos to help us with our sentences and wrote about our favourite part of the day. We also wrote a thank you letter to The Deep staff. We spoke about the difference between formal and informal communication. 

Feeling Festive


We have started to get festive toward the end of autumn 2 and have been looking at the story 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs. We have looked at the book, watched the film and looked at the song lyrics. We have sequenced the story and retold it to our partner. We thought about what we would have seen, heard, felt and smelt if we were James and flying alongside the snowman. We have used time words to write sentences, putting the events in chronological order.

We have concentrated on capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. 

The Old Toy Room 

During Autumn 2 we looked at the story The Old Toy Room. We made a prediction about what could be behind the mysterious looking door and answered comprehension questions about the beginning of the story. We then sequenced the story and wrote sentences about the different parts of the story. We then used parts of the story to write statements and exclamations. 

We enjoyed using the Edgar video for our last few English lessons before the Christmas break! We started by going on an Edgar hunt around the classroom and putting together the puzzle pieces of Edgar. We looked at Edgar's different features, such as his nose, eyes, horns, mouth and scales. We made a word bank of adjectives and used these to write sentences to describe Edgar. 

Watch Edgar the dragon in joint John Lewis and Waitrose Christmas advert

Spring Term 2


Our theme this term is material. We explored this using the story of The Three Little Pigs and an alternative story called The Three Little Raptors.


Watch the Three little pigs story here


Watch the story of the Three Little Raptors and the big bad Rex


Here is some of the children's work.



We then looked at the Story Traction Man 


Traction Man

Children enjoyed hot seating Traction Man.