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- Transition to Secondary school

Supporting our children, parents and carers

through the move to a new school


The move to any new school means lots of changes for both children and their carers.  Most cope with these changes really well and get used to them by the end of the first couple of weeks.  For some children the move can be very worrying.  Knowing what to expect can really help you.  These resources aim to offer our children and carers advice on the move to a new school and help ease any worries.  Have a look at the short videos below and leaflets to help support you in this. 


As a school we have really good links with our secondary schools.  We work in partnership with them to help prepare children to move up.  The staff from the new schools come to our school to meet the children, we provide lots of information on the children (including assessment information), our children get the opportunity to visit their new school, the secondary schools offer open events and information sessions.  We encourage you to join in with everything you can and find out as much information about the new school and the process, their school website is always a good starting point.  


As a school we build in to our curriculum sessions to help our children feel confident and 'secondary ready'.  If you feel your child needs some extra support and has worries, please talk to your child's class teacher as they can help with this.