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- School Standards including Ofsted

Ofsted inspected our school on 21st and 22nd May 2019.  Please see the report below.

Please find below our most recent assessment information and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.   There are no recent results to publish as tests were not taken because of Covid-19.



Each year we analyse our data, all our monitoring and any information we have about our school.  We use this to see what our strengths are, and where we can make improvements.  The governors and staff are all involved in this, and we use the information we get from children and parents to make these evaluations. 

Although we know we are a good school, we are always striving to be even better.  We want to be OUTSTANDING! 



Our priorities for this academic year (2020-2021) are below.
1.   Improve outcomes and progress in reading.

  • Improve children's enjoyment of reading both in school and out of school.
  • Improve impact on children's vocabulary development.
  • Improve impact on children's ability to use inference.
  • Improve impact on children's ability to retrieve and record information.
  • Ensure texts and books that children use for reading activities and independent reading meet their needs.
  • Ensure that reading comprehension activities are suitably challenging for all children, including the most able.

2.  Improve the way we measure and evaluate the progress made by pupils with SEND to check that children achieve their full potential.

  • Improve our recording and tracking system for our SEND children to ensure provision meets children's needs.
  • Improve parental involvement with SEND children's targets and tracking.

3. Improve further the effectiveness of the early years provision.

  • Ensure that children have opportunities to consolidate and extend their learning independently in the outdoor environment, including the provision for our more able children.

4.  Improve effectiveness of leadership and management.

  • Middle leaders make thorough checks on, and evaluation of, the difference they have made to the quality of teaching and children's outcomes.

5. Ensure our curriculum is fit for purpose and meets the needs of our children.

  • Develop our curriculum implementation: ensure it reflects the school's context and our children's needs, meets the NC requirements, is broad and balanced, has progression and enables the development of knowledge and children to make progress, makes relevant links across subjects and promotes English and Maths skills.
  • Develop how we implement our curriculum: ensure subject leaders are equipped to implement the curriculum, curriculum mapping for progression and coverage, staff have ongoing CPD to ensure curriculum intent can be met, resources meet our children's needs, assessment supports the learning and are reliable.
  • Ensure our curriculum has impact: all children's knowledge progresses.

6. Improve outcomes and progress in multiplication times tables.

  • Improve children's recall and application skills of times tables facts and apply these to mental maths and written strategies.