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A few updates

Dear Parents and Carers,


Your children are WONDERFUL! They really have done you and us proud.  I've had a walk round the whole school today to say hello to all the classes and every class I went into was so settled, working hard and so positive minded.  They are a real credit to you.  I'm always amazed at the resilience of children.  

Thank you so much for bearing with us this morning getting everyone in.  We are hoping it will be quicker and easier as everyone knows where they are going.  If your child is in Beech please do not arrive at school early.  I understand that a lot of parents wanted to get here early as they were unsure what to do but the point of the staggered times is to limit how many are on the site at one time.  If your child is in Oak please come round everyone so they can get to the gate by 8.45am, and come through, same for Holly to ensure they are in by 8.55am.


A reminder of times:

  • Oak - start 8.45am (allowed in through gate at 8.35), finish at 3.00pm
  • Holly - start 8.55am (allowed in through gate at 8.45), finish at 3.10pm
  • Beech - start 9.05am (allowed in through gate at 8.55), finish at 3.20pm

For those families that have siblings in different tree classes please find a space on the empty junior car park until it is your next child's time.




A couple of changes for 2 Holly and 1 Beech

  • 2 Holly will now use the main infant entrance to get to their classroom at the beginning and end of the day.  This will start from this afternoon.  
  • 1 Beech will now use the entrance at the very back of school, where 1 Oak come in and out.  

Staff members will continue to be around to help direct you.  


A couple of other bits to remember

  • Please ensure all children with long hair have it tied up, to try to reduce the amount they touch their face.
  • Please make sure items in children's pack ups are simple to open themselves, a few have struggled with things today.
  • Please make sure all children have a drink with them.


Book club books

If any children still has their book from Book Club last year, please can you send it in to school as soon as possible.  We need to have sets of 9 books for this and we have a lot of gaps.  


Best wishes

Anna Cvijetic