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Good attendance and punctuality

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you know, we monitor attendance very carefully so that we can support families.  We did an attendance review last week, and though the vast majority of children's attendance and punctuality was good, our levels have dropped to 93.19% attendance.  118 (about 20%) of our children are currently classed as 'persistently absent' (those whose attendance is less than 90%).  The Government and Local Authority are keen that attendance levels rise back to pre-pandemic levels and that children are punctual to school.  


We are striving to improve our attendance – we want every child to be 100%. Good attendance and punctuality is essential for a successful future for your child. Research shows that some young people who regularly miss school can be drawn into anti-social behaviour or crime. We want all our children to be happy and achieve, we want them to have a good education so they have choices and opportunities in adult life.


Mrs Smith, in the office, will be sending letters in the next week to all the carers whose children's attendance is classed as 'Persistently Absent' (less than 90%) or are regularly late to school.  Attached will be your child's attendance details for this academic year.  I ask that you read the letter and strive to improve the attendance and punctuality.  We open the classroom doors at 8.45am, school officially starts at 9.00am. We start teaching immediately on a child's arrival.


If you have any questions about the school attendance procedures, please do not hesitate to contact the school. If you would like further support to improve attendance or punctuality, please make an appointment to speak to the family workers, Mrs Neall and Mrs Allen. 


Please accept my thanks for your full support in attendance and punctuality matters.


Best wishes


Anna Cvijetic