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Edenred vouchers

Hi Everyone,


It seems like we have finally had some success on the voucher front and you have received them.  I can see from my screen that lots of you have been redeeming your vouchers.  They have been delivered differently, in that you have received all 3 vouchers at once, rather than staggered as I have ordered them, but this may be better for you.  You are able to redeem all 3 now, you just need to put each code in.  Don't forget the manual on how to do this, if you are struggling, is on the school website letters page and I emailed it to you previously.


Therefore you have had a £15 voucher for Tesco's delivered to your door by us last week and 3 more vouchers from Edenred (for week beginning 27.4.20, 4.5.20 and 11.5.20).  You will now not receive anything further until week beginning 18.5.20.  If we continue to be partially closed and in lock-down I will reorder (in plenty of time) based on the advice at this time.  


If you have not received an email (please check your Spam folder) please email or ring me tomorrow and I will resend the email to you from the Edenred website.  


Best wishes


Anna Cvijetic