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Artist Martin John Fowler works with Year 6

Renowned artist Martin John Fowler came to school this week to work with our Year 6 children.  The work they have produced is just amazing.  The children were taught lots of different techniques and produced their own seascape.


Martin lectures at John Leggott College for part of the week and then travels to Cornwall the rest of the week to paint.  

Martin has exhibited work nationally and internationally in solo, mixed exhibitions and competitions.  His paintings, drawings and prints are held in many private collections.  Martin’s paintings are acrylic painted on location mainly with hands, sticks, etc.


Martin says:

"I work mainly outdoors on location reworking in my studio from sketches and notes made. I am interested in the sense and mood of a place and not making a literal copy. I aim for a critical balance of abstraction and reality. My outcomes are always vigorous in treatment, showing my love for the manipulation of the medium to create passages of energy and textured balance alongside areas of quiet."