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Charity Marathon Run Wednesday 2nd May for children in Years 1-6

This year our school has decided to organise a Charity Marathon Run to help raise funds for the local charity, Lindsey Lodge Hospice. I am sure many of you have family members or friends who have been affected by Cancer or other serious illnesses and have been supported by the Lindsey Lodge Hospice. Raising funds enables the hospice to continue the specialist care they offer and we hope you agree that this is such a wonderful charity for us to support and an asset to our community in our time of need.


The Charity Marathon Run will take place at school on Wednesday 2nd May for children in Years 1-6. A course will be mapped out around our school playing field and throughout the day children will complete the course. KS1 children will aim to complete ½ mile and KS2 children 1 mile. Mr Newsome is leading this event.


Your child will need their PE kit, trainers and a drink with them on this day.


A suggested donation of £1.00 would be gratefully received but we welcome any donations you would like to make.


Thankyou for your continued support.