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Confirmed amendment from September 2023 to Berkeley Primary School’s opening times

Many thanks for your responses to our consultation regarding the extending of our school day to ensure we meet the 32.5 hours provision.  Parent and staff feedback was in agreement and the Governors have now ratified the change to the hours as was proposed. 


Therefore from the start of the 2023/24 academic year (Tuesday 5th September 2023), our school day will start at 8:45am and close at 3:15pm.  The gates and school doors will open at 8:40am for the children to start making their way into the building and will close at 8.50am (after this time you will need to bring your child into the main office and register them with the office staff).


Breakfast Club hours will change slightly, and will begin five minutes earlier at 7.40am until the start of the school day.