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Free School Meals vouchers for those eligible to benefits related FSM

Many thanks for all your responses to my emails last week.

I have now ordered vouchers for those parents that are eligible for benefits related free school meal vouchers.  This has been done through 'Edenred'.  You should receive an email from Edenred on Monday 20th April 2020.  If you have not received this by Tuesday 21.4.20 please email or ring me on the school number.  This email will have a link to download the e code.  I have been told it is straight forward.  You will need to choose which supermarket it is for and it will be valid for 1 month.  See the attached Frequently Asked Questions booklet in Letters for more details.  I have ordered the vouchers to arrive by email for the next 3 weeks on the Monday (20.4, 27.4 and 5.4).  If we continue to be partially closed I will then order the next vouchers.  


If you are using school currently as you are a key worker or are classed as vulnerable, you will need to send packed lunches in with your child from Monday, as you have received the money to make one.  


Please be aware there are lots of scams out there currently.  You will never be asked for your bank account details, so please do not give these out to anyone asking for them, they will not be paid into your bank account.


(*Apologies if you receive this email and you are not eligible for the vouchers, you are marked as a contact for someone who is eligible and this email is sent to all contacts for that person using the PrimarySite system - I'm afraid I can't stop this happening).  


Best wishes


Anna Cvijetic