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Infant children must be dropped off and collected by an adult

Dear Parents and Carers,


This is a reminder that children in the infants must be dropped off at their allocated school classroom collection point and collected from their classroom point by an adult (16 years old and over). 


Parents / carers make the decision if they feel their child in the juniors is responsible and safe enough to come to school and leave on their own.  They should consider things like the length of journey home, road conditions, child’s self-care, confidence and awareness.  Where school has a concern about a junior child coming or walking home by themselves this will be discussed with the parent. 


No child must be allowed out of the school during working hours unless there is a request from the parent or carer.  The Headteacher must be notified and any letter making such a request should be seen and noted by the administrative staff.  Children of primary age leaving during school hours must be collected.  The adult must complete the signing out book in the reception area and must be 16 years of age or over.


Best wishes


Anna Cvijetic