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Inspire afternoon introduction

Dear Year 1 to 6 Parent and Carers,


We are very excited to invite you to our first ‘Inspire Afternoon’ here at school.  Every term (three times a year) you will be invited to come into school for the afternoon to join your child and their class with their learning.  We want our families to understand our curriculum, what and how we teach, and to get to know your child’s class teacher. 


The sessions will take place in the infant school hall (Year 1,2 and 3) and in the junior school hall (Year 4,5 and 6).  The halls enable us to set out chairs and tables like our classrooms, with enough space for all children to have one adult with them.  Please see the calendar or letter section for the date when it is your child’s Inspire session.


The lessons will vary each term, it could be anything from history, art, geography to DT.  The teachers will teach the session, bring all the resources needed, then you and your child will work together on the tasks set – sometimes in pairs, or maybe joining with others to make a small group.   We do need you to get stuck in. 


If you are not available to join your child, a grandparent, aunt, close family friend, etc, could attend.  It would be great if every child had an adult with them.  To enable us to ensure children are safeguarded, all children will be closely supervised by the staff and the adults will only be allowed in the hall and to use the toilets.


The afternoons will begin at 1.40pm, finishing about 3.00pm to give enough time for the teacher to take the children back to class and round off the day for 3.15pm (children cannot be taken home early at 3.00pm).  It is essential the adults arrive by 1.40pm otherwise it will be very disruptive to the lesson.


When it is your child’s Inspire Afternoon please go to the main entrance of the infants (Y1,2,3) or juniors (Y4,5,6). 


We are hoping this new venture will be something that really takes off, and we can continue it for many years to come.