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Keeping safe coming in and out of school

Dear Parents and Carers,


I ask that all parents and carers take extra care, be patient and have consideration for all when coming in and out of the junior school gates.  


We have gone back to closing and locking the main vehicle access gate as people were driving onto the premises at the beginning and end of the school day as children were arriving and leaving school - really putting everyone at risk at a very busy time.  We have tried only closing one gate, but carers have got out of their car and opened the gate to come in/out - again putting children and carers at risk.  The caretaker then made a special lock for locking one gate which someone (possibly a carer) has broken.  


As a result of this our only action is to close and lock the main vehicle gates.  We have been advised by the local authority that we should not be encouraging children and carers to use vehicle access routes anyway.  


We understand this puts pressure on the pedestrian entrance/ exit and again I ask that you are considerate to all to ensure everyone can enter and exit school safely.  


I appreciate your support in ensuring all our children and carers are safe.


Best wishes


Anna Cvijetic