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KS2 Let's Get Healthy Cafe Thursday 18th October 2018

Packed Lunches

The Get Ahead Partnership visited our school and understood how healthy our children's packed lunches were. We were really surprised by the results and thought we would share these with you:

  • A pleasing 55% of children brought 1 or more portions of fruit in their packed lunch.


  • A staggering 43% of children brought 2 or more sugary treats to eat in their packed lunch.

  • Only 22% of children brought wholemeal bread.

  • 73% of children brought a packet of crisps to school.

  • Just 23% of children brought water to drink in their packed lunch.

  • 72% of children did not bring any vegetables in their packed lunch.


From seeing this data, we would really like your support in trying to improve our packed lunches and this is why we would like to hold a Let's Get Healthy Cafe'.


What will the Let’s Get Healthy Café involve?

Children and their parents or guardians will be given ideas of healthy items they could include within a packed lunch. Alongside this, we will be offering a small amount of these healthy packed lunch foods for you to try.