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New Classes September 2023


Thursday 22nd June 2023


Dear Parents and Carers,


I am pleased to be able to inform you of the teachers for the next academic year (September 2023).  Please see the grid below for who is in which class.  


We have restructured the current Reception children before they move in to their new year group, this is the norm for our school.  Parents of children in Reception will receive another email in the next 6 hours informing you of your child’s class teacher.  If you have not received an email letting you know this by tomorrow morning, please come and ask at the school office.


Current class

Class in Sept 23




Charlotte Bennett

Recp Oak

Helen Earl (Phase Leader)

Recp Holly

Jenna King / Alice Dowse

Recp Beech

Catriona Card

New class organisation – you will receive a separate email.

Year 1 Oak

Jayne Elsagood (Phase Leader)

 Year 1 Holly

Faye Marshall

Year 1 Beech

Jacqui Drury

1 Holly

Year 2 Oak

Rachel Jones (Phase Leader)

1 Oak

Year 2 Holly

Sam Nunes

1 Beech

Year 2 Beech

Jo Bielby / Iryna Fowles

2 Holly

Year 3 Oak

Craig Goodall (Phase Leader)

2 Beech

Year 3 Holly

Alison Woods

2 Oak

Year 3 Beech

Angie Humphrey / Teresa Suddaby 

3 Holly

Year 4 Oak

Rahela Sultana / Bruce Spencer (PL)

3 Oak

Year 4 Holly

Simon Leek

3 Beech

Year 4 Beech

Iain Dalgleish

4 Beech

Year 5 Oak

Caroline Harling (Phase Leader)

4 Holly

Year 5 Holly

Judith Grinhaff

4 Oak

Year 5 Beech

Paul Newsome

5 Beech

Year 6 Oak

Amy Marsh (Phase Leader)

5 Oak

Year 6 Holly

Tom Fell

5 Holly

Year 6 Beech

Lucy Burnett



We have a thorough transition programme in place, to ensure the children get many opportunities with their new class teacher and to get to know each other before September. 


We are delighted to have recently appointed Jacqui Drury to our teaching team.  Mrs Drury is an experienced teacher and will be teaching in Year 1.  Alice Dowse will be returning from her maternity leave in September 2023 and we will be pleased to see her back in the reception unit. 


Ryan Woods will be leaving us at the end of the school year.  He will be much missed by children, staff and parents and we wish him well in his future teaching career and thank him for all his hard work at our school.


Howard Rea, our caretaker, will be retiring at the end of the term, after nearly 5 years at Berkeley.  Howard has looked after our school premises so well over the years, keeping us all safe and making sure our environment is lovely.  We wish him a long, happy and healthy retirement. 


If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.


Best wishes

Anna Cvijetic