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No Open Water Swimming

We have received the information below from North Lincolnshire Council today and felt it important to pass on to our carers and to inform our children:

The Environment Agency has confirmed that a suspected blue green algae outbreak at Ashby Ville is toxic. If pupils are planning to visit the nature reserve in Scunthorpe over the summer, they must not go in or near the water, or let their dogs go in the water.

Visitors to Ashby Ville should never swim in the lake, as many hidden hazards lay below the surface of the water, and the temperature can suddenly drop, putting any swimmer in difficulty. The toxic blue green algae outbreak is another reason why people should be vigilant and stay clear of the water.

Despite warning signs and council officers on site speaking to visitors every day, we have still had people swimming in the pond at Ashby Ville. It is important that people do not go in the water.