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Parent feedback from noticeboard on parents evenings Feb 2019

Many thanks for those carers (and children) for giving us feedback on the board at Parent Consultation evenings in February 2019.  Please see the summary below.


What do we do well?

  • Good teaching and progress – 14
  • Happy and friendly – 10
  • Good communication – 9
  • Good support and caring – 10
  • Keep safe – 2
  • Good at sports – 2
  • Dinners – 2
  • Breakfast club - 1



What could we do better?


After school clubs – more places, variety and way we allocate places.


Following the last feedback we introduced a new electronic booking system limiting children to one club to make it fairer. 


Over the year we do feel we offer a large amount and variety, there are less in the Spring term due to the weather limiting sports clubs.  We don’t include nursery and reception in clubs because when we have previously they are shattered after a long school day and want to go home.


On top of these we have extra clubs to boost children academically (English and Maths) which children are invited to.


Use less paper – make more use of electronic communication (out of school clubs, parents evening, etc).

The recent introduction of text messaging has added to the school app, website, Class Dojos and Tapestry.  All of these allow us to reduce paper work. Trip permissions and payments and booking after school clubs are now also done electronically. 


We are trying to get an email address for all our parents because ‘Primary Site’, who we use for text messaging and our website, also allows us to send emails, but we only have about 60% of parents details.  Once we have 100% we can send all letters out electronically. You will be able to book your parent consultation appointments on Primary Site too.


We will continue to ask for this information. 


Open the gates on time / earlier (infants).


We will review the current system to see if we can improve it.













What do we do well?

What could we do better?

Excellent advice and support always.

Open gates earlier.

I feel my son is safe and happy at school.

Open the gates on time.

Teachers and their assistants are excellent and deserve credit for what they do!!

Serve better food and open the gates quicker so we don’t freeze.

Lovely teachers thank you.

Don’t make them play when it’s cold.

Good at communication with up coming events.

Could do more activities for children, i.e. trips to Normanby Park, etc.

I am happy to send our daughter everyday.  She seems happy to be at school and always excited about the things she learnt.

Don’t understand why leave til 3.15 to open gates, queues are right up street and affecting traffic etc, then it’s like a stampede.

Delicious hot dinners.

Do swimming in Y2.

Communications with parents and teachers is really good (website, apps really helps).

Use less paper – make more use of electronic communication.

Love the caring, genuine help and support my child receives.  Thank you.

Gates at pick up could do with being opened earlier.

The school does sports very well.

You could serve dinners on trays.

* is really enjoying his time in Year 1.  We are really happy with the support that he is receiving from the staff.

Re-think congestion issues for some classes picking up at the end of the school day.  Maybe a on-way system?

Breakfast club is very good.

Open the gates sooner at 3.15pm.

The variation of things that the kids are learning in Year 1 is amazing.  My child loves school and has come a long way.

Reading classes from reception (for parents).

Mr * is a very cooperative and helpful teacher, thanks (helped me with my lil one).


Moving to doing things electronically (out of school clubs, parents evening, etc).

Thank you, you are doing the best.

More art!!

Miss * is really kind.  Great communication with parents.

Include reception and nursery children in after school clubs.

School cleanliness is excellent.

Parents evening well organised.

* enjoys her days at school and comments a lot on new activities,

*’s reading coming on very well.

Management at the school is non-existent. It is a shame that staff are leaving.  This is a sad state.

The teachers are very good and caring.  We do not have any complaints about them.

Open the class doors bit quicker most classes have already come out.

Ms * is a devoted teacher who has wonderful art skills and very helpful with the sports club.  * loves her.

Art? and photography!

Both girls love school so just continue to do what you do J.

More after school clubs please – the list gets shorter every time!


School dinners are not so good lately.

Miss * is an amazing teacher one could wish for! * is luck to have such a devoted, hardworking and friendly teacher. Thanks.

Berkeley could do with letting staff know they have passed messages on regarding children.  Extra help for children who need it.

Very good.

Golden time.

Lovely school, always has been.

After school clubs.

Miss * - a very helpful teacher who guided me with *’s notebooks and all learning objectives. J

Email pupils development – strengths and weaknesses on a monthly basis.

Staff are very helpful and listen to any concerns.

More after school clubs! No one club policy please!

School dinners are great, plenty of variety.

Communication through Dojo and teachers is excellent.  My daughter is very happy, loves her teachers and loves school!


Miss * - great teacher.


Berkeley text messages / alerts are very useful.


Good at extra support (Pixl).


Help when stuck on something!


Excellent in every way.  Keep it up!  Very receptive to new ideas!


Berkeley do well at understanding children’s health issues and notes form the doctors.


You teach us well J


Keep children challenged and interested.


Teachers are excellent at reporting potential safeguarding issues.


You do great on communication, math, history, handwriting coaching.


Listening to parents and dealing with any issues is excellent.


Golden time to reward good behaviour.


Sports and PE.


Thank you for all your hard work you do with my kids.  Well done everyone!


Great school.  Great support system.  Excellent feedback.


Berkeley Primary School is doing all the hard work!


Big thank you to all the teachers and teaching assistants


Berkeley Primary is doing everything super well! Keep it up!


Great job settling my child in when he started in the middle of the term, made him feel very welcome.  Great teacher and TA.  Thank you.


Thank you for all that you do for my girls xxx


Do everything lovely, * loves everything.