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Parent feedback summary from Parent Consultation evening Oct 19

Many thanks to all the parents that contributed to the feedback boards at parents consultation evenings in October.  I have summarised the post-it notes below.  



What do we do well?

  • Good teaching and progress – 23
  • Happy and friendly, staff helpful – 11
  • Good communication – 33
  • Good support and caring – 20
  • Happy and loves school – 9
  • Behaviour – 4
  • Deal with problems – 3
  • New apps and books - 14
  • Happy with everything – 13


What could we do better?


After school clubs – more places, variety and way we allocate places.


We have introduced a new electronic booking system limiting children to one club to make it fairer. 

Over the year we do feel we offer a large amount and variety, there are less in the Spring term due to the weather limiting sports clubs. On top of these we have extra clubs to boost children academically (English and Maths) which children are invited to.

We don’t include nursery and reception in clubs because when we have previously they are shattered after a long school day and want to go home.

 The only way we can increase the amount further is by asking coaches to come in and charge parents for attending this (like judo).  I will survey parents to see if this is viable.

Use less paper – make more use of electronic communication (out of school clubs, parents evening, etc).

The recent introduction of parent email addresses, has added to the school app, website, text messages, Class Dojos and Tapestry.  Many letters will not be emailed out.  All of these allow us to reduce paper work. Trip permissions and payments and booking after school clubs are now also done electronically.  Parent consultations could be booked online this year.  This reduces costs, allowing money to be spent on other things.

Helmets for balance bikes in EYFS.

Many thanks for this – we have ordered them and are waiting for them to arrive.

New reading books.

We spent over £20,000 on books last year across the school and have subscribed to Bug Club which has 1000s of books for the children to access online and we have purchased hard copies. 

A more varied menu for lunch and to invite parents in for a school dinner.

The menu is revised twice a year by the Local Authority, with our input.  New recipes are always being added.  It is on a 3 week rotation, offering about 4 choices each days (hot meal, veggie meal, jacket with toppings, sandwiches).  I make that about 60 choices a week, 180 choices every three weeks.

Please canvas your MP if you want them to be free until Year 11.

I think parents being invited for a school dinner is a great suggestion and I will discuss this with the cooks to see how this might be organised.  Watch this space!

Timetable of events,

send material home so parents know how maths is approached, explain dojos.

I’ve put these together as this information is all available on the school website.  Dates for the school year (including sports mornings in the summer term, Christmas productions, etc) are set in September and put on the calendar on the website.  It also has information on about how we teach things, behaviour policies and strategies, etc.  For how we teacher maths the calculation strategy is really useful to parents.  

Communication between year groups

We do work hard on this, allocate sessions for teachers to talk to each other, etc.  We have examples of things that have gone well, but sadly some that haven’t gone as well.  We will continue to find other ways to ensure a smooth transition for our children.


I have requested this from the Governors … I’m not hopeful! J




What do we do well?

What could we do better?

* loves school.  He is excelling.  We find the communication great. No concerns!

Would like to have a timetable of important events at the start of the year.

Really pleased with everything that Berkeley offers so far.  Keep up the good work.

Better system regarding booking of after school activities as each year, my daughter has not had chance to attend one.

Good communication

Could improve communication.  Dislike the homework.

Happy to attend parents eve.  Teachers are really helpful and they talk really nice

Out of school clubs (more of).

Brilliant staff and support workers when parents have a concern.

More choice of clubs and possible after school clubs for reception and nursery.


Music club.

Got seen very quick and everything explained well.

I think the teachers should choose their books rather than the children as mine always picks complicated ones.

Really good communication.  Loves coming to school.

Would be nice to have a little more variety of after school activities.

* is amazing, full of patience.  She tolerated me for writing comments even beyond time limits.  Thank you.

Turn the heating down on parents evening.

Really good.  Quick parents evening.  * is doing really well.

A more varied menu for lunch.

Really enjoying the new apps for reading, spelling and times tables.  Find these very helpful at home.  Would like to thank the teachers for all their hard work!!!

More activities outside of the school to boost children in confidence.

I think you’re doing really well and being patient and working well with some more difficult students.

Mum’s and dad’s want to be invited for school dinners.

Great communication.  Deals with all problems well.

Dinner reward to eat with parents.

Our daughter enjoys coming to school.

Send material home so that parents / guardians know how maths is approached – as our way is old fashioned.

Cracking down on bullying straight away sorting the situation.

Could parents know what the codes are in the marking policy.  Perhaps have a sheet glued in the front of exercise books?

Communication via the app and dojo has improved greatly since last year, its nice to see regular updates.

Cars moving in the car park.  Do they need to be in and moving when the kids are coming out of school?

Happy with everything.  Child has been here since reception and to see the development each term is amazing. Thank you.

Explain dojos. 

Use the photo feature more – all staff, all classes.

Good teaching.

Would like to join the children for school dinners.

* loves her teachers and is getting on very well.  We are happy with her education and how she is progressing.

Parental involvement for lunch times.

I think the teacher, teaching assistants and family support people are doing well!! Very glad to say that I appreciate your work very much!

More communication between year groups at the end of year i.e. any SEN in place.

A timetable of important events for parents at the beginning of the year.

* is a fantastic teacher.  * teaches maths and English in a brilliant way and makes it interesting for children.  * has amazing science skills according to my child.  Thank you. 

Would like to see the school take part in more out of school activities such as swimming.

* is a wonderful teacher.  I’m glad she is working hard for my child.  Amazing job.  Keep it up! Well done! Thank you.

Parents to be invited for school dinner.

You teach people how to learn and help people who need it, well done.

Need an athletics track painting on the field for PE lessons.

Friendly, approachable teachers.  Very caring.

Too many texts not about my child.

Everything is fab!

Bigger hall.

Great at keeping contact.

Water everywhere – drainage.


Shelter in the rain!

Dedicated governors who give up their own time!

Better access to Miss King’s class with pushchairs

“Spelling shed” is AMAZING!

Improve on reading, writing.

Professional staff.

New reading books.

Polite staff members and good education for the children.

Books! New reading scheme like other schools have.

I love the fact we as parents are kept informed, and I love the encouragement and praise / reward the pupils get to keep them motivated!

Breakfast club to be half price if the child doesn’t have food or drink.

Everything is good.

Shelter on the infant side!

I like the apps the school currently has I find them very useful.

Please invest in helmets for the balance bikes in reception.

Both children attend and attended previously.  Very happy.  Great school.

Bike helmets for reception  children.

Communication via the app and dojo is excellent this year, regular updates are great!

Need all letters etc, sent out to both parents and could really do with new reading books – some are tatty.

Fabulous full stop!!  Love the buddying.  Good expectations.  Just fabulous.

Fewer printed letters.  Save money and trees.

Friendly teachers.  Push children to their strengths. 

I think you should enter a swimming team in the schools competition this year.

Good discipline.  Excellent at caring. 

Join swimming comps please.

New teacher.  New year.  Great progress. 

Swimming competitions.

The teachers have always been fantastic with all 3 of our children J

Greater variety of after school clubs to cover all year groups.

A very supportive and friendly school.  Information systems are great. 

To have better school trips, like YWP, etc.

Really good.

School dinners should be free until year 11.

Great school.  Always there when I need help or support.  Thank you.

More time allowed for children to eat lunches if doing other activities e.g. choir, buddies, etc.

Teacher is helpful and friendly.

More school trips! Please.

Good use of app.

Friendly teachers.

Happy child.

Year 5/6 should be taught more why to do well at school, not just to do their best.  Small steps to prepare them for the real world going to secondary school.  Schools are losing the ability to hold deep meaningful relationships and communication due to technology.  Help address problems we see with millennial generation.  Teach more respect and what goals can be achieved when they grow up.

Teachers are so helpful.  I really like this school.  My kids are enjoying.

Phone issues 11/10, school phone said school closed until 9.15 then on hold until 10am.

Good communication – tapestry, app, etc.

Less printed letters.  3 children equals letters in triplicate!

Well informed on school work.  Organised with books on display.

More school trips and 100% attendance awards.

Wide range of reading books!

Dojo app very helpful to see how their day has gone!

Segway to go to class in the morning!! Year 3.

Good with 1-1 support.


You are good teachers.


* has come on in leaps and bounds in a very short time.


Texting information very good.


Helping children to push themselves to best of abilities and helping them where they struggle.


My son has come on already in in the first 6 weeks of term.  He is very happy.


I love the feedback from my daughter’s teacher on a daily basis.


Fantastic school children all feel included and happy.


No improvement at this minute in time.


Happy with * parents meeting.  Great communication.  Thank you.


Rotation of reading books in reception.


Love the use of tapestry.  Good to know what they are learning.




Lots of information given through text and apps (more useful than letters).


Pleased with Bug Club and Spelling Shed.


Good communication.  Better parents evening booking system.


Teachers / staff are friendly.


Great support network for parents. 


Teachers so helpful and friendly!

Information through texts! (better than letters)


Good – being accommodating for the children and helping them be more comfortable at dinner.


Everything! J


Very useful and informative.  Covered all aspects.


Brilliant celebration assembly, excellent idea.  Headteacher possibly attend too?


My son has improved since he started reception.  Teachers really good with support. 


Doors open on time has improved.


Good 1-1 support.


Communication to parents.


I’m very happy with school.  I don’t think there is anything needed to improve on. 


Excellent staff on the reception desk always polite and know who pupils are.


Communication with parents is always met and details of gate being closed or no lollipop lady is always text through. 


Good communication between parents and school.  Use of dojos.  Photographs and updates.


Teacher so helpful.  My kids really like this school.


New to school. Very impressed.  J


Fantastic staff, esp *.  Very happy with the quality of feedback at parents evening.   


School is good at helping children achieve their goals. 


Good communication channels.


Dojos encourage the kids to push them to achieve.


Do like the online booking system for appointments. 


Teachers are approachable and listen to any concerns. 

Daughter is enthusiastic towards school, thanks for the enjoyable atmosphere. 


I like school office staff very good. 

Teacher gives extra help for good working child too. 


The school great at pushing the children to the best but also helping them where needed. 


The new apps are a great interactive way for learning.


School is good at helping children achieve – good.