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Partial school closure from Monday

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of you will have seen the government announcement on partial closure of schools from Monday.  I have just posted the email I have received from the DFE at 7.30pm tonight.  This is a very difficult time for you as parents and us as a school.


I, with the help of our staff, will now be planning what this means for our school.  I need further information from the government on what this provision should look like, who the 'Key Workers' are and how we provide help for our children on free school meals.  The government are hoping to send this to us later tomorrow.


Please can I ask all parents to do three things:

1) Send your children to school tomorrow and Friday if they are able to.

2) Return the sheet we have sent out/emailed/posted on the website today asking for your occupation - we will need this information tomorrow to start to plan numbers of children who will be attending.

3) DO NOT PHONE school and DO NOT COME IN to the office to ask for further information about school closure or how us opening will work - we have NO further information than what we have sent you.  The phone lines and administrative staff are snowed under with enquiries and we need to ensure the safe running of school and that people who must contact school can.  


We appreciate your cooperation with this.


I will send out more information as soon as I have it.


Best wishes

Anna Cvijetic