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Robinwood Trip- Refund


We have now been given half of the money back from the Robinwood Trip. If you log onto your ParentPay account you will see you have been credited with £80.00. You will recieve the remainder once we have recieved it from our Insurance.


To transfer the refunded amount back into your bank account please follow these steps:

  • Once logged on ParentPay there will be a notification that a refund of £80.00 has been issued, click continue.
  • Click on the 'Parent Account' tab at the top and press withdraw. (the refund may be shown in different transactions but this adds up to £80.00)
  • Type the amount you wish to transfer back to your bank account and click 'make a withdrawal'.
  • You may have to enter your details/ bank details in again at this point if your orginal payment method has expired.
  • Once the steps have been followed on the screen, a message should say 'withdrawal successful'


If you have any issues then please contact us via email.


Many thanks