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Robinwood visit

I have been in touch with Robinwood and would like to share with you the latest information regarding our visit next week.

Robinwood is operating under the guidance given by the government for schools so will be open for as long as schools are. Therefore, as of now, the visit on Monday is still scheduled to go ahead. However, should the government make the decision to close schools, Robinwood will be closed and we will be offered alternative dates for later in the academic year.

If your child displays symptoms and there is the need for them to self isolate under the current directives given by the government, obviously they will not be able to come with us and under these circumstances, we will be able to pursue a claim for a refund. 

The organisation during our visit is such that the children will be in small groups (no more than 13) and not mixing with other school groups and I am satisfied that Robinwood are taking the necessary precautions (a copy of their latest information sheet can be found under the 'News and Events; Letters' tab). However should you feel that you need to withdraw your child from the visit, please let the school know. Unfortunately, a refund will not be possible.

Should your child display symptoms whilst we are away, they will be isolated from the other children and we will contact you to arrange for your child to be collected. 

I appreciate that this is a worrying time for you all and thank you for your patience and support.

I will keep you informed should the information given change.


Wendy Howlett