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Transition Arrangements

One of the most significant events on the horizon is the planning of transition activities for all our children.  We understand that moving from one year to the next can be an exciting yet daunting experience for many children. To ensure a smooth and seamless transition, our dedicated team has been working to curate a range of engaging and supportive activities.  These transition activities are designed to not only prepare our students academically but also to foster a sense of belonging and familiarity with their new learning environments. Through our activities our children will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new teachers, classrooms, and some of the curriculum expectations. Our goal is to equip our children with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate this significant milestone with confidence and resilience.


The class organisation will be completed at the beginning of June and we will inform you then of who your child’s next class teacher will be and which classroom they will be in. 


We’ve been busy planning our transition sessions, where children will go to their next class.  These will be on;

  • Thursday 20.6.24 pm – the children will move to their new class after register at 1.05pm.  They will go home from their new classroom.
  • Tuesday 25.6.24 am – the children will register in their normal class and then go to their new classroom after assembly.  The children will go to lunch from their new classroom, Year 2 children will eat in the junior hall.  After lunch they will play on their new playground and go back to their normal classroom after this. 
  • Wednesday 3.7.24 am – the children will register in their normal class and then go to their new classroom after assembly, they will go back to their normal class ready for lunch.

Teachers have also got other activities planned in, for example Year 2 popping over to the juniors several times to find their way around, the same for Reception in the Year 1 building.  Teachers will swap to do DEAR story time at the end of the day with their new class too.


We have made additional plans for some of our more vulnerable children, who might need extra support.  If you think your child would benefit from this, please talk to your class teacher.