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Update and no live learning on 3.321

Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope this finds you all very well. I must begin by commending you all for what you’ve done with the children at home; it has been an extremely challenging time for everyone. I know from both sides, we’ve all tried to do our best and this is all one can ever do. So, thank you and well done.  


Children have been at home, once again for a long while and have missed more learning.  Many children and families have found the lockdown has taken a significant toll on their well-being too.    I know this concerns us all.  We will be working hard over the coming months and future years to make up for this.  There will of course be no quick fix, but our dedicated and skilled staff are ready for the challenges ahead.  We want to ensure all our children are able to reach their full potential.  We will need your continued support to work in partnership to achieve this.  

As a school we are preparing for the children's return on Monday 8th March 2021.  On Wednesday 3rd March all teachers will be getting everything ready for the following Monday (getting furniture back in place for all children, resources ready, planning, etc).  This means that day there will be no live lessons so they can do this.  Remote learning will still be set and marked as normal.  School will be open as normal that day for children of critical workers and our vulnerable children.  


This week will be the last week that the teachers and teaching assistants will be making their weekly calls to families as we will see the children the following week.  Again, this frees time for the teachers and teaching assistants next week to make preparations for the children to return to school.  Family workers will continue to make their calls to their families.  


As I'm sat here typing this, the birds are tweeting, the sun is shining, and there is definitely more optimism in the air.  We look forward very much to welcoming all the children back on Monday 8th March, hoping this will be us starting to get back to some 'normality'. 


Best wishes

Anna Cvijetic (Headteacher)