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Update for parents accessing school provision currently

Dear Parents and Carers,


I am pleased we have managed to get to Friday in what has been the most unusual time.  The sun has shone all week and your children have been amazing.  The staff that have been in have thoroughly enjoyed their time.  Your children have been so positive minded and settled well to the unstructured nature of being in school.  I want to thank you for keeping in touch with me and letting me know your requirements for child care and the staff have really appreciated your positive comments.


As always things keep changing, so an update for next week:

- we will continue to use the reception classrooms and the infant hall (working really well)

- please enter and exit using the gate at the top of the junior car park (some of you have picked up from there) - we are finding this easier to use than the 'Mickey Mouse' gate

- Breakfast Club will continue as normal next week 7:45-9:00, school then from 9:00-15:15, but please continue to drop off and pick up to suit your work patterns

- our kitchen has now closed down, and catering has moved to a 'hub'.  You can still access a cold meal for your child each day which will be delivered to school.  Free School Meal (benefits assessed and Reception, Y1 and Y2) will continue to get this for free.  Y3 to 6 children will need to continue to pay if they are not FSM on ParentPay.


Easter plans:

- I am sorry to announce that we will NOT be open on Good Friday and Easter Monday following guidance published

- We will be open Monday - Thursday Holiday Week 1, Tuesday to Friday Holiday Week 2 from 9:00-15:15.  There will be no Breakfast Club.

- We will still have the school meals as stated above during the Easter holidays

- There may be children and staff from other schools using our provision over Easter as we are trying to work as a 'Hub' but I will limit numbers to 20 children a day if possible


Closing guidance

I would like all parents to be aware that we have been instructed by the Government that if anyone (child or adult) starts with a cough or temperature (suspected case of Covid-19) we must send all children and adults home.  We will then close the building completely for 72 hours in order for bacteria to fall to a safe level and after that period has elapsed, clean.  We can then open up again. It would mean that we would be closed for up to 4 working days, depending on the day this happened.  It is very important that all parent have their mobile phones on them so we can contact you if this situation arises, lets hope it doesn't.  


Have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope you will also be able to have some rest.  


Best wishes


Anna Cvijetic