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World Book Day - celebrating 25 years of Harry Potter

We love books at our school and had a really great day celebrating World Book Day today.  Our Harry Potter theme meant the children and adults looked brilliant - we had lots of Hogwarts pupils and teachers, Hagrid, Voldemort, muggles and even a Hedwig.  Many thanks to the carers for taking the time to help our children dress up.  


We started the day in an assembly with Sarah Tipler, a reading advocate for the Local Authority, leading our assemblies and bringing a little magic into the children's day.  


The teachers had excelled themselves, planning a carousel of Harry Potter themed activities.  The activities included wand making, playing Quidditch, parchment writing, potion making, computer code making and even making talking portraits on the computer with a little wizardry from Mr Dalgliesh.  


It was brilliant to walk around the school seeing the children getting really stuck in and having a go at some different activities.  Well done everyone for making this happen.